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Pen Kits
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Wouldn't hurt to buy 2 bushing sets to keep as spares but not to give away. Anyone club member jumping on this buy can add bushings if they need them.

Put me down for 1 30 piece set + 1 bushing set.


Penn State has 30 funline pens for $48.50 + shipping and tax; we will get a 10% discount (before shipping/tax) no matter how many kits are purchased.

Product Description

This 30 Funline Slimline kit variety pack includes 5 of each of our 6 different platings: Economy Gold, Chrome, Copper, Gun Metal, Satin Gold and Satin Pearl.

Do we need bushings for the club?

They are $4.45 for a set of 3 (you need 3 to do a pen, they are reusable)

Bob Cusumano

The club is running out of pen kits for Honor Flight Pens and has agreed to buy a number of slimline pen kits. Bob C. is looking into the best price bundle. Club members can join in on this bulk purchase. More details to follow when Bob gets details.

Bob C. will look into getting pen kits for the club.

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